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Bitcoin mostly because that’s how payments are made to the club officials to get all matces fixed.
Zelle and ApplePay can also be accepted (Please chat with our team below for questions)

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Fixed Matches is a contract deal usually involving some set of anonymous groups ( usually top influential wealthy men) who have come together to attain some certain goals ( making huge money) from sport by paying huge amount of money to the Clubs, Referees, Teammates And Involvement of some online bookmakers to make their intentions right about the match to play. We can’t say fixed matches is illegal neither can we say it is legal but note that every operation involved in it is meant to be private.

Fixed Matches is a game of risk but when the source involved is genuine, you don’t have any issue. Fixed Matches is not a daily activities but it become regular since the activities is getting more expose and now, every countries is trying to make profit through this business. But the operation is still strictly supervised.